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Ready to learn something new? You can add verified skills and competencies to your resume with short, flexible micro-credentials from the State University of New York. Whether its for fun, professional development, or a start to a new career path, there is a SUNY micro-credential to meet your needs.

We offer more than 250 high-quality micro-credentials online, in-person, or a hybrid of both. Our 64 colleges and universities across New York State are here to empower lifelong learning, career advancement, and job readiness.

Learn with the Leader in High-Quality, Stackable Micro-Credentials

SUNY's micro-credentials are setting the standard nationally and internationally for high-quality, stackable credentials designed for today's learner, whether you're rounding out your degree program or adding a new skill for career advancement.

All of SUNY's micro-credentials are designed to be:

  • High quality. Academic quality is paramount in the development and approval of SUNY micro-credentials.
  • Stackable. Each micro-credential has immediate value and, where possible, stacks together with other micro-credentials or learning experiences to meet the requirements of certificate, initial or advanced degree.
  • In-demand. Micro-credentials are designed to meet current and emerging market needs and align with relevant industry standards.
  • Portable. Our micro-credentials are recognized beyond SUNY so your accomplishments travel with you.

What do you want to learn? Explore Micro-Credential Opportunities at SUNY.

Micro-Credentials for Business, Community and P-12 Partners

SUNY micro-credentials support business, community and P-12 partners when used as a flexible vehicle to upskill existing workers, provide professional development or re-training. SUNY micro-credentials provide immediate market ready skills and can also serve as a pathway to or back to college.

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