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Technology Accelerator Fund

Bringing innovation and discovery to market

SUNY is an intellectual property powerhouse and the SUNY Technology Accelerator Fund (TAF) strategically invests in SUNY's most disruptive innovations to accelerate their development and commercialization.

Do YOU have an exciting INNOVATION in need of $50,000 and commercial feedback?

Submit an application for the TAF Class of 2023 investment

Deadline for submitting proposals is April 7, 2023.

SUNY and its Research Foundation have invested over $3 million through TAF to successfully advance the commercial readiness of 65 innovations born at SUNY campuses. The program has catalyzed follow-on investment of an additional $16 million from development partners, including government agencies, industry licensees, and early-stage investors.

The TAF program gives SUNY researchers a means to gain funding for select technologies and accelerate their development and commercialization.

TAF investments are awarded through a competitive process that evaluates each technology for innovativeness, market potential and financial viability. The goal is to make SUNY discoveries more attractive for licensing and increase their eligibility for federal investment and innovation programs like Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR)

Since its launch in 2011, TAF has made a significant impact on moving products and services based on SUNY-developed technology to the marketplace.

TAF-funded Technologies Available for Licensing

Full list of TAF Awardees, 2011 - present

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