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SUNY is the nation's most comprehensive system of public higher education, with 64 campuses, including 30 community colleges, 3 teaching hospitals, a law school, one of the world's leading fashion institute's, music and dance conservatories, and a partnership with a federal laboratory. Our campuses produce New York's workforce, as well as groundbreaking research in the fields of health, clean energy, semiconductor technology, and so much more. That begins with our students and faculty, and is made possible due to the close partnerships we share with federal, state, and local leaders and decision-makers.

The Office of Government Relations is the leading voice for advocacy on behalf of our campus communities. In recent years we have secured historic investment and, today, are proud to have the largest class of SUNY alumni serving in the New York State Legislature.


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Meet the Staff

Travis Proulx
Travis Proulx
Vice Chancellor of Government Affairs and Marketing

Angela Wright
Angela Wright
Associate Vice Chancellor of Government Relations

Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson
Director of State Relations

SUNY Alumni Serving in Government

Hakeem Jeffries headshot
Rep. Hakeem Jeffries
Chairman, Democratic Caucus

Roberta Reardon headshot
Commissioner Roberta Reardon
NYS Department of Labor

Carl Heastie headshot
Speaker Carl Heastie
NYS Assembly

Shelley Mayer headshot
Chairwoman Shelley Mayer
NYS Senate Education Committee

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