Female Master Teachers sit at round table and talk.
Meet the Master Teachers

Meet the Master Teachers

The NYS Master Teacher Program network consists of outstanding teachers recognized for their dedication to providing the most innovative STEM education to their students, their commitment to professional growth, and their enthusiasm for sharing their successful practices with colleagues in their schools, districts, and regions.

There are more than 900 Master Teachers currently in the program as well as nearly 100 Master Teachers Emeritus.  The designation Emeritus is given to those who successfully complete four years as NYS Master Teachers.  Emeriti continue as vital participants in the NYS Master Teacher network, actively contributing to STEM educational initiatives, locally and statewide.

Academy of Master Teachers logo42  Master Teachers Emeritus have been accepted into the the NYS Academy of Master Teachers, an active community of practitioner-scholars who engage in best practices in education and model them for other educators. Academy members are dedicated to elevating the teaching profession and supporting pre and in-service teachers throughout New York State as they shift their professional focus from refining their individual practice to helping address statewide issues.

“Each one of the master teachers brings a unique perspective, but all of us share one simple passion: giving our students a great education.”

- Master Teacher Abbey Albright

The list of Master Teachers for each region is listed below:
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Application window closes at 11:59 pm on February 23, 2019.
Master Teacher Program
What is the Master Teacher Program?