NYS Master Teachers Inspire Educators Across the State During Summer 2022 Virtual Workshops

Teams of NYS Master Teachers and their Math for America colleagues led professional development workshops in late June open to all K-12 educators in New York. While people outside the profession may believe that a teacher's work is confined to the school day and limited to the school year, the presenters and participants demonstrated that the work, the learning, and the commitment to excellence for all students extends far beyond those boundaries.

173 K-12 teachers, representing 100 school districts, BOCES and charter schools, participated. (Many attended more than one session.) The teachers zoomed in from across New York State, from Binghamton City School District in Southern Tier, Hudson Falls CSD in Capital Region, Yonkers City School District in lower Hudson and Miller Place in Long Island and all places in between!

While reflecting about the previous school year, these educators were beginning to plan for the next school year, thinking about the ways in which they could continue to deepen their knowledge and refine their practices for the benefit of their elementary and secondary students.

We're grateful for all who attended and for all who volunteered to share their expertise with others!

We are honored to share a sampling of participants' feedback below.

What were some of the highlights?
A Walk Through the Miocene: A Paleobotany Workshop

A Walk Through the Miocene: A Paleobotany Workshop

Gaining a deeper understanding of how to enrich instruction to provide learning aligned to current math and science standards...connecting with educators across the state...engaging in high-level content and problem-solving...learning about new tools to enhance student engagement and deepen their knowledge...building research-based strategies for more equitable teaching and grading practice...

These are just a few of the themes that emerged as we asked the attendees and the presenters from across the state to identify highlights of the NYSMTP Summer 2022 sessions they attended.

Creative Projects for Calculus

Creative Projects for Calculus

In addition to getting inspired about tools and strategies that they could bring back to their classrooms, Master Teachers and their guests reveled in the opportunity to engage in high level STEM content and problem-solving.  A Finger Lakes/SUNY Geneseo Master Teacher shared, " The opportunity to struggle through difficult math problems with colleagues from around the state was great!

There are so many more applications to the quadratic formula than I ever knew existed! While many of these are far beyond what I would teach in Algebra I, it is always great to see more applications of processes that are introduced in Algebra I. I will share what I learned today with my students as other applications of the quadratic formula. At this level, we won't get into the examples, but just being able to talk about the applications will be a great addition to the conversation."

Noting that she had gleaned something significant from each presenter, one Long Island/Stony Brook University Master Teacher shared, "There were so many great ideas presented. I am excited to implement in September...I love having an opportunity to explore with other educators around the state."

Going Beyond the Classroom

Going Beyond the Classroom

And while we celebrate every opportunity to connect Master Teachers within our network, ultimately it's also that connecting beyond our program, reaching every child's teacher, that makes the work of the NYSMTP so meaningful. And that's why every Summer 2022 virtual session, while led by NYS Master Teachers, was open to every educator in every school throughout New York.

We learned that many of the teachers who are not part of the NYSMTP or MfA attended sessions because they were invited by their Master Teacher colleagues. Among those colleagues is Cebrahil G-C from the Rochester City School District. After attending the Equitable Grading session, Cebrahil wrote, "Grades should reflect a student's knowledge and should not be influence by their current situation. I am looking forward to adopting some of the ideas from today's session into my practice in terms of how I grade student work."

The NYS Master Teacher Program is grateful to the presenters and participants for a very successful professional learning summer.

For a full list of the workshops offered Summer 2022 visit HERE. For Master Teacher-led workshops during the 2022-2023 school year, please return to this site in the fall.

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