Adam Bellow, Co-Founder of Breakout EDU inspires Master Teachers at the NYSMTP Annual Conference.

Apply to the Master Teacher Program

We are delighted that you are interested in joining the New York State Master Teacher Program (NYSMTP) our professional network of outstanding, experienced educational professionals, K-12 classroom teachers and K-12 counselors, dedicated to professional growth and development and to providing the most innovative, engaging and supportive learning environment for their students.

Selected Master Teachers and Master Counselors engage in NYSMTP professional learning opportunities that are co-created by network members and their SUNY counterparts. The professional learning program is grounded in the local context and designed with local expertise to address challenges and provide new opportunities for students.

The NYS Master Teachers and Master Counselors are selected by a rigorous, multi-step application process. Please review the document What Does Being a NYS Master Teacher and Master Counselor Entail? prior to beginning your application. Selected applicants commit to engaging in a minimum number of NYSMTP-Professional Development activities in addition to their district and state requirements, agree to a four-year commitment, and are eligible for annual stipends of $15,000, totaling $60,000.

K-12 STEM teacher applicants in New York City, please contact our partner organization, Math for America, for information about how to apply for a fellowship.

Please know that only complete applications submitted by the deadline are reviewed for admission. Past applicants have found recommendations require the most time; please plan accordingly so that all the required application materials are submitted by the application deadline.

The NYSMTP staff is committed to helping you navigate the application process. If after reviewing the information on this website, you have additional questions, email the staff at masterteacherprogram@suny.edu. Due to the great interest in the NYSMTP, please allow 24-48 hours for a response to your email.

We invite all interested applicants to attend an Info Session.
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Advance registration is required.

General FAQ for K-12 Teacher and K-12 Counselor Applicants

You must apply to the region in which you work. No exceptions will be made.

Please see the District and BOCES lists 2022-2023 in the Additional Documents section below if you are unsure of the region in which your school is located

See the information in the Master Teacher Participation Requirements, What Does Being a Master Teacher or Master Counselor Entail?

…do I have to re-do my entire application?
All applicants are required to create a new application ID and file. If you are re-applying you must also create a new ID. There are questions on the application for you to indicate if you have already sent official transcripts and your Praxis score.

…do I have to write a new personal statement and get new recommendations?
We regularly revise the writing prompts so these components must be submitted new for each application cycle. Recommenders do not upload a letter. The recommendation is a short questionnaire to be completed that will be sent to the individuals you identify in the recommendations section of your online application.

…can I get feedback on a past application?
We do provide an opportunity for feedback about your application if you are considering submitting for the next round of admissions. We won't be able to discuss specific details of your application, but if you are interested, please email masterteacherprogram@suny.edu and a staff member will get in touch with you about the feedback process.

The Cohort 2024 application deadline was January 26, 2024. We are not currently accepting applications.

All individuals who submitted a completed application by the deadline will receive additional information in the coming weeks.

  • Review the three knowledge domains for teachers/counselors and reflect on their teaching/counseling practice through the lens of each domain.
  • Review the NYSMTP Praxis Guide for K-12 STEM Teachers or for K-12 Counselors and register for an accepted PRAXIS exam following the instructions in the Guide.
  • Decide on whom to ask for the two colleague recommendations and talk to recommenders about the knowledge domains and what specific examples of the applicant’s teaching/counseling work they could include.
  • Share with their principal/supervisor the knowledge domains and what specific examples of the applicant’s teaching/counseling work they could include.
  • Create a list of professional activities, including dates, of the following:
    • prior teaching/counseling roles or other related professional experience,
    • related professional work, including school/district committee, professional associations, and mentoring experiences,
    • leadership and community-facing activities, and
    • honors, awards, grants received.
  • Gather undergraduate and graduate transcripts (Applicants will upload unofficial transcripts to their application.)

The application also includes a section with writing prompts. Instructions and writing prompts will be available when the application opens.

Praxis® Subject Assessments FAQ for K-12 Teacher and K-12 Counselor Applicants

The NYS Master Teacher Program application requires one of the Praxis® Subject Assessments that is listed on the 2022-2023 Praxis Exam Guide for Counselors and 2022-2023 Praxis Exam Guide for Teachers below. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that they take an exam accepted for application for the counselor or for the teacher application. Information on what is covered on specific exams can be found using the preparation materials section on the ETS website.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact the NYS Master Teacher Program office at masterteacherprogram@suny.edu.

Master Teacher Program
Thank you for your Interest in the New York State Master Teacher Program
What does being a Master Teacher or Master Counselor Entail?
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