ING is now Voya Financial

Say Hello to Voya Financial!

ING U.S. has been re-branded as Voya Financial.  As of September 1, 2014, all ING business entities shifted to doing business as Voya Financial, and retirement products, materials, websites, and emails are rebranded as Voya. This change is an adjustment to name only; there will otherwise be no changes to accounts or services, and no action is required of participants at this time.

Although ING contacts will be sharing any changes to their email addresses and updates to our ING representative directory will be made, all ING email addresses will continue to redirect until November 2015. Our general ING liaisons’ email address for ORP and 403(b) information is now SUNYORP@voya.com

The main ING website address www.Ingretirementplans.com is now www.Voyaretirementplans.com, however the ING customized website for SUNY will remain unchanged at https://suny.prepare4myfuture.com, and ING web addresses will redirect until November 2015. 

To view a related announcement from ING, click here. Voya's Financial Business Overview is available .