Attendance & Leave

Attendance & Leave

Below is a categorized listing of links to web pages detailing various attendance and leave provisions for state-operated campus employees:

General Reference

NYS Leave Benefits - a hub of resources regarding NYS leave benefits and provisions of the agreements negotiated with NYS employee organizations

NYS Legal Holidays - 2024 calendar of legal holidays and religious holy days

SUNY Leave Policy - leave provisions for professional employees detailed in the SUNY Board of Trustees Policies

NYS Early Departure/Closure Policy - statewide policy reserving the Governor's authority to close state buildings and allow employees to be absent without charge to leave credits


Leave Accrual Details for All Employee Groups

CSEA Leave Benefits - leave provisions detailed in Article 10 and the Appendices of the Agreement between CSEA and NYS

UUP Leave Benefits - leave provisions detailed in Article 23 and the Appendices of the Agreement between UUP and NYS

PEF Leave Benefits - leave provisions detailed in Article 12 and the Appendices of the Agreement between PEF and NYS

PBANYS Leave Benefits - leave provisions detailed in Article 14 of the Agreement between PBANYS and NYS

NYSCOPBA Leave Benefits - leave provisions detailed in Article 14 of the Agreement between NYSCOPBA and NYS

GSEU Leave Benefits - leave provisions detailed in Article 18 of the Agreement between GSEU and NYS

M/C (classified) Leave Benefits - leave provisions detailed in the M/C Handbook

M/C (unclassified) Leave Benefits - leave provisions detailed in Article XIII of the SUNY Board of  Trustees (BOT) Policies


Sabbatical & Military Leaves

Sabbatical Leave - guidelines for such leaves of planned travel, study, formal education, research, writing, or other experience of professional value

Military Leave - memoranda of special note for military leave, including special military benefits and post-discharge benefits

Medical Leaves & Disability Provisions

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) - This link consists of a list of NYS Department of Civil Service Attendance & Leave bulletins describing FMLA provisions.

Code of Federal Regulations Title 29 FMLA

Notice Forms--Employers covered by the FMLA are obligated to provide their employees with certain critical notices about the FMLA so that both the employees and the employer have a shared understanding of the terms of the FMLA leave. The following forms provide the employee notices required under the FMLA.

  • General Notice, the FMLA poster– satisfies the requirement that every covered employer display or post an informative general notice about the FMLA. This notice can also be used by employers with eligible employees to satisfy their obligation also to provide FMLA general notice to employees in written leave guidance or individually upon hire.
  • Eligibility Notice, form WH-381– informs the employee of his or her eligibility for FMLA leave or at least one reason why the employee is not eligible.
  • Rights and Responsibilities Notice, form WH-381(combined with the Eligibility Notice) – informs the employee of the specific expectations and obligations associated with the FMLA leave request and the consequences of failure to meet those obligations.
  • Designation Notice, form WH-382– informs the employee whether the FMLA leave request is approved; also informs the employee of the amount of leave that is designated and counted against the employee’s FMLA entitlement. An employer may also use this form to inform the employee that the certification is incomplete or insufficient and additional information is needed.

 Certification of Healthcare Provider for a Serious Health Condition:

  1. Employee’s serious health condition, form WH-380-E – Use when a leave request is due to the medical condition of the employee.
  2. Family member’s serious health condition, form WH-380-F – Use when a leave request is due to the medical condition of the employee’s family member.
  3. Help for health care providers – This flier guides healthcare providers through FMLA rules concerning medical certifications. It’s a handy tool that medical professionals can use to make sure patients’ and family caregivers’ employment is protected as they deal with serious health conditions. 

 Certification of Military Family Leave:

  1. Qualifying Exigency, form WH-384 – use when the leave request arises out of the foreign deployment of the employee’s spouse, son, daughter, or parent.
  2. Military Caregiver Leave of a Current Servicemember, form WH-385 – use when requesting leave to care for a family member who is a current service member with a serious injury or illness.
  3. Military Caregiver Leave of a Veteran, form WH-385-V – use when requesting leave to care for a family member is who a covered veteran with a serious injury or illness.

NYS Paid Family Leave - provide for a Paid Family Leave (PFL) benefit for eligible employees working in New York State.  PFL is intended to balance the demands of the workplace with the needs of families by providing workers with reasonable amounts of paid time off. It should be noted that PFL is not available for an employee’s own serious health condition or military activation.  PFL program provides workers with up to 12 weeks of job-protected, paid leave to bond with a new child, care for a loved one or relatives with a serious health condition or to help relieve family pressures when someone is deployed abroad on active military service.

Unclassified Service - Program description and details about this employee-funded paid leave program for UUP represented (08) and M/C (13) employees is here and at https://www.cs.ny.gov/pfl/ with general information about NYS Paid Family Leave available at https://www.paidfamilyleave.ny.gov.

Please visit the below web site links for more detail information:

Classified Service:

NYS Paid Parental Leave (PPL) - New York State will provide 12 weeks of Paid Parental Leave for executive branch state employees to bond with a newly born, adopted, or fostered child. Eligible employees may take leave with pay (no charge to accruals) for up to 12 weeks for each qualifying event, defined as the birth of a child or placement of a child for adoption or foster care. PPL is available for use once every 12-month period.

Classified Service Staff:

Unclassified Service Staff:

NYS Workers' Compensation - Workers' compensation is insurance, paid for by the employer, that provides cash benefits and medical care if you become disabled because of an injury or illness related to performing your job. All NYS employees are covered by the Workers' Compensation Law. If death results from a work-related injury or illness, benefits are payable to your surviving spouse and/or other dependents. The insurance carrier for state employees is the New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF).

Disability at Work:

SUNY Disability Services 
- a listing of links to campus disability services offices and related resources

Special Leave Exchange Programs

Productivity Enhancement Program (PEP) - The Productivity Enhancement Program (PEP) allows eligible CSEA-represented, PEF-represented, and Managerial/Confidential (06) and UUP-represented and M/C (13) employees in the Executive branch to exchange previously accrued annual leave (vacation) and/or personal leave in return for a credit to be applied toward their employee share NYSHIP premiums on a biweekly basis.

Voluntary Reduction in Work Schedule (VRWS) - program which allows eligible full-time employees to voluntarily trade income for time off

Leave Donation - The intent of the Leave Donation Program is to provide a means to assist employees who, because of long term personal illness, have exhausted their leave benefits and would otherwise be subject to a severe loss of income during a continuing absence from work.


For further information and/or assistance, please contact the Benefits Office at your State-Operated or Community College campus.