SUNY Discounts*

Members of the SUNY family may be eligible for group discounts and offers from a variety of vendors, merchants, and providers. The following information outlines a few of these discount programs.  

perks at work logo Formerly known as "SUNY Perks" and "Corporate Perks", this is an online discount program with offers from a wide variety of nationally recognized merchants, vendors, and providers in many categories including electronics, toys, apparel, flowers & gifts, and home. Each purchase earns "WOW Points", which can be used towards future purchases. Membership is free to members of the SUNY family. To join, use either "SUNY2015" or "sunycp" as the access code. Register on the Perks at Work web site with your email address and the access code. Some of the most popular program offers are with Best Buy, Brooks Brothers, Home Depot, Lands' End, Lowe's, Regal Cinemas, and Walmart.


‌Plum Benefits offers exclusive discounts of up to 50% off tickets and up to 60% off hotels, with access to preferred seating and special offers for top shows, attractions, theme parks, sporting events, movie tickets, and much more. Use code "SUNY518" to enroll.

‌Receive thousands of 5%-45% local, regional, and national discounts on movie tickets, car washes, theater, amusement parks, online shopping, skiing, sports, hotels, rental cars, and more. Access the savings by using the passcode "SUNYBENEFITS" and/or . Visit these sites for a sampling of offers by region: Buffalo, Florida & Southern States, New England/Albany, New York City, Southern Tier, Syracuse, Texas, and Western US/West Coast.


Visit www.suny.edu/benefits/discounts to search for more SUNY Discounts!



*  Please note that SUNY does not endorse, support, or benefit from any of the programs or offers listed, and that this information is provided strictly for your information and further exploration.  You should carefully review and research any programs or offers before enrolling or providing any personal information.  Only representatives from each program, vendor, or merchant are knowledgable and experienced enough to address your questions or to assist you with their respective programs.