Planning for Retirement

Planning for Retirement

Planning for life after retirement should involve looking at one's finances. However there is much else to be considered, including health care, planning and maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle, and possible relocation. A list of resources is available below to help explore these topics.

General Pre-Retirement Planning Resources

DIRECTIONS Pre-Retirement Planning Seminar - day-long seminars focusing on lifestyle changes, health & wellness, housing options, post-retirement employment, budgeting and financial planning, legal affairs, health insurance, Social Security, Medicare, the NYS Deferred Compensation Program (NYSDCP), and pension from ERS (if you are a TRS member, you may wish to attend a PREP seminar; ORP members should contact their investment provider(s) for financial planning). Registration is available to new attendees only who are at least 55 years old and within 5 years of retirement - visit the website for a schedule of seminars at various locations and contact your campus benefits administrator if interested in attending.

Self-Help Guide to Retirement Planning - a comprehensive retirement planning companion booklet to the DIRECTIONS Pre-Retirement Planning Seminar

Video Guide: Planning Your Successful Retirement - a series of retirement planning videos that focus on the NYS Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP), Social Security, the NYS Deferred Compensation Plan (NYSDCP), and the NYS Employees' Retirement System (ERS)

The Social & Psychological Aspects of Retirement - a presentation focusing on the stages and challenges of retirement, and the importance of and strategies for, making a plan for your daily life during retirement

Well-Rounded Retirement - An Overview - an on-demand webinar from TIAA which focuses on the non-financial aspects associated with retirement

DOL Retirement Toolkit -a retirement planning manual made available by the Dept. of Labor, Social Security Administration, and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services; designed for those age 50 and over


Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance Resources

Fidelity's Bridging the Gap to Medicare - health insurance options if you won't have health insurance until Medicare

Planning for Retirement- information about the option to continue NYS Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP) coverage into retirement and how unused sick leave can be used to help pay retiree NYSHIP premiums

Disability Retirement & Your Health Insurance - information about the different kinds of disability retirement, the option to continue NYS Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP) coverage into retirement, and how NYSHIP works with Medicare with NYSHIP in disability retirement

Sick Leave Credit Estimator - use this to estimate the value of your sick leave credit to help pay retiree NYSHIP premiums

Retiree Dental & Vision Coverage - information about coverage options in retirement

Medicare & NYSHIP‌ - information about how retiree NYSHIP coverage coordinates with Medicare

NYSHIP General Information Book (Retirees) - information about NYSHIP retiree coverage, and how retiree coverage works

Back to Work for NYS‌ - information about what happens to NYSHIP retiree coverage when returning to a NYSHIP-eligible position


Financial Pre-Retirement Planning Resources

My Retirement Paycheck - an exploration by the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) of the various factors that have an effect on the funds you have available during retirement

Working After Retirement - NYS guidelines on returning to NYS employment after retiring

Fidelity's Social Security Tool - use this tool to help determine the optimal time to claim your Social Security benefits

Social Security & Medicare - enroll online to receive benefits; set up a mySocialSecurity account

Financial Planning - a list of tools and resources to assist with financial planning

NYS Pension Taxation by State - a listing of NYS pension taxability in other states

Planned Giving - information about the procedures and benefits related to giving a gift to a SUNY campus foundation

SUNY Plan Distributions - information about distribution options, authorization, and taxation for SUNY plan contracts


For further information and/or assistance, please contact the Benefits Office at your State-Operated or Community College campus.