SUNY Retirees

SUNY Retirees

Below is a list of resources for those who have retired from SUNY service.

NYSHIP Resources

NYSHIP for Retirees - health benefits information for retirees of NYS and local governments participating in NYSHIP.

NYSHIP & Medicareā€Œ - information about which coverage is primary and when, and how they work together.

NYSHIP While Working Post-Retirement - information about changes to NYSHIP during post-retirement employment.

Post-Retirement Employment

Working After Retirement - legal restrictions on classified public employment after retiring from public employment.

UP-211 Waiver Policy - legal restrictions on unclassified public employment after retirement from public employment.

Retirement Benefits & Taxation

SUNY ORP/403(b) Distributions - information about distribution options from SUNY retirement and supplemental savings plans, and how to file to receive distributions

NYS Tax Information - general information from the NYS Dept. of Taxation & Finance for senior citizens and retired persons.

Social Security Administration - receive benefits by applying online.

Retiree Organizations & Other Resources

AARP- information about the benefits available through this non-profit, non-partisan organization that helps people age 50 and over improve the quality of their lives.

Retired Public Employee Association (RPEA)- news and information about this advocate for current and future public NYS service retirees.

SUNY Retiree Service Corps (RSC) - an organization connecting SUNY retirees to information, resources, and service opportunities to enhance retirement.

MyMoney.gov - a web page chartered by the Federal Financial Literacy and Education Commission to support financial literacy and sound financial decisions through all stages of life.

Road Scholar/Elderhostel - a hub of opportunities available through this non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire adults to learn, discover, and travel by offering group learning adventures guided by expert instructors.

Retiree Discounts - discount shopping programs offering special deals to SUNY retirees across the regions of NYS and across the world wide web.