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Information for currently authorized benefits vendors and vendors interested in doing business with SUNY

The State University of New York is part of the State of New York.  As such, SUNY is required to comply with all New York State Laws related to the purchasing, procurement, and servicing of any materials, supplies, equipment, services, and construction.  In addition, any benefits marketed or offered to our employees are subject to negotiations between the NYS Governor's Office of Employee Relations (GOER) and our employee unions prior to implementation.

SUNY greatly values the relationships that we establish and the support that we receive from our contracted business partners, and works closely with their administrative teams and agents to ensure that our employees receive the best possible benefits and services the greatest possible value.

The following information is provided to give benefit-related vendors interested in doing business with SUNY an overview of the process, mechanics, and policies involved when working with SUNY and the State of New York; and to provide our currently Authorized Contract Vendors with information and resources to help them to better do their jobs in assisting our employees with their respective programs or services.

Information for Vendors Interested in Doing Business with SUNY:

Current SUNY Business Partners and Vendors (in addition to the information above, the following information may be useful to currently contracted SUNY Business Partners and Vendors)


For further information and/or assistance, please contact the Benefits Office at your State-Operated or Community College campus.