SUNY Smart Track

SUNY Smart Track:

Financial Planning for Generation Y

People within every generation tend to share common characteristics, including their attitudes towards the world, the way they communicate with others, and how they learn. A recent survey of Gen-Y employees at select SUNY campuses reflected an interest in learning about basic investing tips and terminology, student loan and debt management, budgeting and managing monthly expenses, and savings.  In an effort to ensure the financial education of Generation Y, several resources have been made available on the SUNY Benefits Financial Education & Planning web page, including SUNY Smart Track and resources made available by TIAA-CREF

SUNY Smart Track was launched in April 2014 to promote financial literacy amongst prospective, current, and former SUNY students.  In addition to providing much information focusing on tuition and college-related financial planning, SUNY Smart Track also offers many other tools and resources that apply to general audiences looking for useful information on common areas of interest, including planning a budget, saving for retirement, and more.  We have incorporated SUNY Smart Track into our collection of financial planning tools and calculators available on the SUNY Benefits web page.  Employees can sign up to use this comprehensive financial education hub at the SUNY Smart Track registration page, where they can create a profile before accessing resources such as:

Once registered, SUNY Smart Track maintains a record of completed courses and mini-modules, and even offers certificates of completion.

TIAA-CREF offers Starting Your Financial Life, which is a Gen Y-focused web site offering information particularly to those who are in the earlier stages of their careers.  TIAA-CREF also offers On-Demand Financial Essentials webinars, which provide SUNY employees with the opportunity to learn at their own pace, according to their own schedule, at various stages of their careers. 

We hope you find SUNY Smart Track and these TIAA-CREF offerings to be useful, whether you are a student, a member of "Gen Y", someone who has college-age family members, or someone simply looking for financial planning information. We encourage you to use these, as well as the other resources available on the SUNY Benefits Financial Education & Planning web page.