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Retirement Stories

Personal Stories of Retirement

This section of the SUNY Retirees Service Corps (RSC) website contains narratives by SUNY retirees which are meant to give a personal perspective to the retirement experience. To read a retiree's story, simply click on their name below.

If you have a unique retirement experience that you are willing to share which you feel would interest and help your fellow retirees, please submit your own personal retirement story for posting on the RSC site. Click here to find out how.

Some retirement stories have been and will be featured in the SUNY Retirees Newsletter.

Ed Alfonsin
Associate Professor of English (Emeritus)
SUNY Potsdam  (North Country Region)

Murray H. Block
Deputy to the Chancellor for Campus Liaison (Retired)
SUNY System Administration (Capital Region)

Brian Betz
Professor Emeritus of Communication Studies
SUNY Oswego (Central Region)

Naomi Block
Associate Professor Emerita of Language Arts (Philosophy)
SUNY Purchase (Mid-Hudson Region)

Tom Bowes
Professor of Psychology (Emeritus)
SUNY Cobleskill  (Mohawk Valley Region)

Grayce Susan Burian
Professor Emerita of Theater
University at Albany and Schenectady County Community College  (Capital Region)

Elof Axel Carlson
Professor Emeritus, Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Stony Brook University (Long Island Region)

Charles (Al) Carpenter
Professor of English (Emeritus)
Binghamton University  (Southern Tier Region)
Roger J. Cheng
Research Associate (Emeritus)
University at Albany Atmospheric Sciences Research Center  (Capital Region)

Ram Chugh
Distinguished Service Professor (Emeritus)
Potsdam  (North Country Region)
Founding Executive Director of the SUNY Retirees Service Corps (2008-2012)

Anne Donnelly
Professor of Biology (Emeritus)
Cobleskill  (Mohawk Valley Region)

Rhoda Fischman
Administrative Assistant (Ret.)
Department of Academic Affairs

Westchester Community College  (Mid-Hudson Region)

P. Jay Fleisher
Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus of Earth Science
SUNY Oswego  (Central Region)

Lee Ann Grace
Assistant Dean for International and Exchange programs, and
Associate Professor of Modern and Classical Languages (Spanish) (Emerita)
Buffalo State College  (Western Region)

Suzanne Goodrich
Associate Professor (Emeritus)
Herkimer County Community College  (Mohawk Valley Region)

William Graebner
Professor Emeritus of History
SUNY Fredonia (Western Region)

Richard David Hamell
Associate Professor Emeritus of Geology
Monroe Community College  (Finger Lakes Region)

Peter Herron
Professor of Mathematics (Emeritus)
Suffolk County Community College  (Long Island Region)

Arthur L. Johnson
Professor of History (Emeritus)
SUNY Potsdam (North Country Region)

Jim Kalas
Associate Provost, Academic Affairs (Ret.)
System Administration  (Capital Region)

Bob Kasprak
Associate for Campus Services (Ret.)
SUNY College of Optometry  (New York City Region)
Donald Lackey
Assistant Vice President for Human Resources (Emeritus)
SUNY Geneseo  (Finger Lakes Region)

Alvin Magid
Emeritus Professor of Political Science
University at Albany  (Capital Region)
Chair, Committee of Active Retired Members of UUP (Capital Region)

Alvin Magid - Retiree Volunteer Profile
Emeritus Professor of Political Science, University at Albany  (Capital Region)
Founder/Executive Director, The Reading Is Fun Program, Schenectady City School District, Schenectady, NY

Steve Marenfeld
Professor of Biology (Emeritus)
Herkimer County Community College  (Mohawk Valley Region)

Susan McDermott
Professor of English (Ret.)
Hudson Valley Community College  (Capital Region)

Richard "Bud" Meade
Director of Human Resources (Emeritus)
The College at Brockport (SUNY Brockport)

Barbara Mierzwa
Assistant Dean and Director (Emeritus)
School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
University at Buffalo  (Western Region)

Joe Morehead
Professor Emeritus, School of Information Science and Policy
University at Albany  (Capital Region)

August Mueller
Associate Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences
Binghamton University  (Southern Tier Region)

William Muller
Professor of Photography (Emeritus)
Hudson Valley Community College  (Capital Region)

Michael J. Murphy
Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus
SUNY Cobleskill  (Mohawk Valley Region)

Malcolm A. Nelson
Distingushed Professor of English (Emeritus)
SUNY Fredonia   (Western Region)

Ronald P. Nielsen
Campus Environmental Health and Safety Director (Retired)
SUNY Cobleskill  (Mohawk Valley Region)

Emily Oaks
Professor Emerita of Biology
SUNY Oswego  (Central Region)

Ray Ortali
Professor of French (Emeritus)
University at Albany  (Capital Region)

Bob Pompi 
Associate Professor of Physics (Emeritus) 
Binghamton University  (Southern Tier Region)

Joan Prymas
Professor of Mathematics (Emeritus)
Herkimer County Community College  (Mohawk Valley Region)

Beverly Rainforth
SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor Emerita
Binghamton University  (Southern Tier Region)

George Rannazzi
Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration (Retired)
School of Social Welfare, Stony Brook University  (Long Island Region)

Bill Reese
Professor of Philosophy (Emeritus)
University at Albany  (Capital Region)

Ro Scalise
Math Specialist (Ret.)
Herkimer County Community College  (Mohawk Valley Region)

Iliana Semmler

Professor of English (Emeritus)
University at Albany  (Capital Region)

Betty P. Smith - Retiree Volunteer Profile
Counselor and Professor of Psychology (Emeritus)
Monroe Community College (Finger Lakes Region)

Joe Sprague
Professor of Chemistry (Semi-Emeritus)
SUNY Cobleskill  (Mohawk Valley Region)

Lewis Putnam Turco
Professor Emeritus of Writing Arts and Founding Director of the Program in Writing Arts
SUNY Oswego  (Central Region)

Linda Syrell Tyrrell
Dean Emerita of Continuing Education, Summer Sessions and Public Service
SUNY Oswego  (Central Region)

Betsy Waterman
Professor Emerita of Counseling and Psychological Services
SUNY Oswego (Central Region)

John Weeks
Professor of Biology (Emeritus)
SUNY Oswego  (Central Region)

Judy Wishnia
Professor of History (Emeritus)
Stony Brook University  (Long Island Region)
Past Chair, UUP Committee on Active Retired Membership

Thomas Wolff
Distinguished Teaching Professor (Emeritus)
SUNY Upstate Medical College  (Central NY Region)

Theodore P. Wright Jr.
Graduate School of Public Affairs
University at Albany  (Capital Region)

George Wybenga
Packaging Design Department Chair (Retired)
Fashion Institute of Technology (New York City Region)

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