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William Muller

Bill Muller - Personal Retirement Story

“They will have to take you out of here in a wooden box.”

This was a statement I had often heard at various times in my career. I was wedded (in a way) to my life in the classroom – a life that lasted over 40 years. But left I did – retired.

A slow weaning from the classroom eased the way. So did what I finally had the time to do: Go off and read many books and articles that caught my fancy, travel to places that seemed improbable, work in ministries in my church, and so on. I started with a Kindle and haven’t looked back. My wife and I have hit the cruise lines, airlines and private cars to put a dent in our travel list. Work in the church came easily – there were already existing jobs to do. All I had to do was jump in. Other opportunities existed of which I was not aware.

Working with the SUNY Retirees Service Corps and the HVCC Foundation has kept a lifeline to academia.

Not to mention family time (children and grandchildren) that was never quite enough before.

No wooden box – but a new life of awe, wonder and relaxation.


Editor’s note: Bill is a member of the SUNY Retirees Service Corps Advisory Council.

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