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Barbara Mierzwa

Barbara Mierzwa - Personal Story of Retirement

For years senior colleague told me that I'd know "when the time came" to retire. After 32 years at UB, I knew: Going to work became an unrelieved chore early in 2006; it had not been that way before.  Sure, there had been difficult days or even weeks when challenging projects weighed heavily on my mind.  But this time it was different: a generalized dullness, lack of zest and fatigue for no apparent reason.  I realized "the time came" for me to retire. 

That realization lifted the weight on my spirits.  I tackled my final projects with a sense of commitment and even zest.  I said good-bye to wonderful colleagues -- grateful for all I had enjoyed and indeed learned and earned at UB.


Editor's note: Barbara is the past president of the University at Buffalo Emeritus Center. 

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