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Ro Scalise

Ro Scalise - Personal Retirement Story

Retirement – a change in life style! I began my new life in 2003, retiring because I thought it was time – but having some reservations about it, I continued in part-time employment for three years.  I actually enjoyed working!  My position was that of Math Specialist in the College Learning Center at Herkimer County Community College.  I loved it because no two days were the same.  I tutored everything from Basic Math through Calculus, Statistics, Chemistry…if it had a “formula” I interpreted it.  Back to my new life – my children were now independent and no longer needed a “full-time” mom, now “Grammy” is one of my new life titles, and cooking and baking cookies my forte’.  My new life also took new direction which included travel with my significant other, taking numerous trips, including Florida, Pennsylvania, Niagara Falls and Massachusetts.

retirement storyRetirement – a time to experiment and explore! I realized my love for live theater, having seen shows at the Stanley, Syracuse Stage, Niagara on the Lake, New York City, etc.  And then, there is Community Theater!  I began working with props and costumes at Ilion Little Theatre, dressing the stage and dressing the actors.  From there I proceeded to stage manager, to production coordinator, to assistant director, to YES, you got it, finally to director.  To me, this is most enjoyable, bringing a work to life, seeing the fruit of your labor.  My first venture was a play involving a cast of 17 actors!

Retirement – a time for relaxation! I have actually had time to enjoy my gardens, my serenity, my therapy, my sanity, my roots.  I spend a lot of time designing a plan for color changes in the gardens throughout the spring, summer and fall, which also involves knowing bloom times and how annuals and perennials work together to complement each other.  Of course when there are gardens there are also birds and butterflies, which are a joy to watch.  Boy, am I relaxed and awaiting tomorrow’s new adventures!

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