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Retiree News, Photos, Events, and Publications

Retiree News, Profiles, Photos, Events, and Publications

This portion of the SUNY Retirees Service Corps website highlights SUNY retirees' accomplishments and provides listings and pictures of campus and SUNY Retirees Service Corps events. Click the headings below to see the latest submissions.

Retirees in The News

Do you know of a SUNY retiree who's been recognized in or profiled by local, national or campus media for their accomplishments? If so, we want to share that achievement with the rest of SUNY here on the RSC website! Forward your Retirees in the News item to us at retirees@suny.edu.

Publications by and Involving SUNY Retirees

Stories on articles, books, and other publications by, involving, and/or about SUNY retirees. Send a brief write-up about the author, editor, or subject of the publication (including the campus he/she retired from and title at retirement) along with a description of the publication to retirees@suny.edu.

Retiree Function Photos

Photos from retiree functions held on the campus and System level. Send pictures and captions to retirees@suny.edu.

Events Calendar

This section lists upcoming events that are functions of campuses, System Administration and other related organizations which may be of interest to SUNY retirees. If your campus or organization has an event you would like to be listed on this website, please contact us at retirees@suny.edu.

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