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Bill Reese

Bill Reese - Personal Retirement Story

We had begun prospecting for a Center at least since 1974, first with the Arts and Science Faculty Senate, then the University Senate, and then with individual presidents as they came and went. We came close a number of times, until President Hall arrived. We sent him the dossier with all of our attempts to succeed in it. He had the dossier in his hands for about an hour; he then came to our meeting, and said that we had made our case. He at once began to prospect for a room, and we had a strong promise of it within a month, and work began on turning it into our Center which had been beautifully accomplished by the end of the second semester. Since then we have had budget, and money for equipment. I think I should say that our case is strengthened by Ray Ortali's ability to keep everyone connected by Internet, especially information to the administrators of the University.

I also want to suggest that, together with your SUNY-wide committee, we put together a grant application with the appropriate authorities to determine the next steps to be taken in furthering the SUNY Emeritus Centers: funds to continue the work, face-to-face meetings with the Centers now most active, and other specific steps that might need to be taken. Thank you for your work, Ram!

Bill Reese is Founding Director and First President of the UAlbany Emeritus Center.

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