SUHRA Recognition and Awards

SUHRA Recognition and Awards

Nominate a colleague for a SUHRA Award today!

The SUHRA Recognition and Awards Committee is pleased to invite nominations for the following recognition awards:

Ted Barber Distinguished Human Resources Service Award (PDF) or (Word) | Award Recipients
This award is given to an individual who has contributed to the field of human resources management in a unique and/or distinguished manner; has demonstrated creativity, initiative, human relations skills, planning and organizing in human resources; and exhibits an enthusiastic, dedicated and humanistic approach to the profession.

Emerging Leader Award (PDF) or (Word) | Award Recipients This award recognizes a member who has demonstrated leadership skills or recently assumed an initial or new leadership role. Consideration for this award should include specific actions by the nominee which reflect leadership attributes or actions that have positively impacted innovation, commitment, inspiration and/or partnership.

Excellence in Human Resources Practices Award (PDF) or (Word) | Award Recipients This award honors a member for achievements in improving the quality of programs and services to SUNY and/or on their own campus through effective human resources practices. Preference will be given to those achievements that have become or have the potential to become models for best practices for other or all SUNY campuses.

John M. Cummings Lifetime Achievement in Human Resources Practices Award (PDF) or (Word) | Award Recipients This award honors a long-standing member of the human resources community who, during their career, most notably at SUNY, has made contributions that have positively impacted the field of human resources and/or enriched their campus community.

Making a Difference Award (Word) | Award Recipients  This award recognizes a SUHRA member or members who acted above and beyond their professional obligation or duties on a single, unique occasion that positively impacted individuals or a department(s) at their own campus, other SUNY campuses or within SUHRA. Consideration for this award should include the specific actions by the nominee which reflect outstanding achievement, creative solutions, dedication, and cooperation.

Outstanding Service Award (Word) | Award Recipients This award recognizes a SUHRA member or members who has consistently demonstrated excellence at their position that has resulted in outstanding contributions, exceeds goals and job expectation resulting in a significant impact on a department and/or campus, not necessarily in a lead role. Nominee should also consistently display characteristics valued and appreciated by coworkers.


Nomination Deadline: August 15th of each year

Awards to be given at: Annual SUHRA Fall Conference

Awards contact person: Carin Perkins, Director and Senior Counsel for Employee Relations, SUNY System Administration Carin.Perkins@suny.edu or 518-320-1680



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