Board of Directors and Committee Memberships

Board of Directors and Committee Memberships

SUHRA Board of Directors


Standing Committees:

SUNY Human Resources Association Benefits Committee

The SUNY Benefits Advisory Committee (BAC) is a subdivision of the SUNY Human Resources Association (SHRA) comprised of members of the SUNY campus HR and Benefits community who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise for the greater good.

The group’s activities include advising and assisting SUNY System Administration in the design and delivery of its employee benefit programs, assisting and mentoring new Benefits Administrators at other SUNY campuses, sharing information, and working on benefits related projects of benefit to all.


SUNY Human Resources Association Recognition and Awards Committee

Mission: Promote HR professional and service excellence through peer recognition of members of the SUNY Human Resources profession whose professional contributions optimizes such excellence.   Recognize retiring SUHRA members who have demonstrated a commitment to the mission, vision and values of SUHRA and those they have served.

Membership Criteria:


SUNY Human Resources Association Professional Development Committee

Mission: Identify and promote training and development opportunities for SUNY HR professionals to enhance identified competencies and to ensure succession planning across SUNY.

Overarching Goals:

Professional Development

SUNY Appointment and Payroll Committee

Mission: This committee is a dedicated group of professionals committed to providing our SUNY human resources and payroll colleagues with knowledge, support, tools and training. Our shared focus is on mentoring and sharing appointment and payroll best practices for all campuses. Our shared purpose is to aid with networking and communication including, but not limited to:

Appointment and Payroll Users Committee

SUNY Civil Service Committee

Mission: The Civil Service Committee is a collaborative group of SUNY classification professionals and Civil Service representatives that come together to discuss the classified service positions within the SUNY system. This group focuses on exam planning, classification reviews, problem resolution and to stay informed of upcoming changes within Civil Service that impacts SUNY.


Civil Service


Conference Planning


Human Resources