The State University of New York Human Resources Association (SUHRA)

Image of Henry Hudson's ship, the Half Moon.A bronze figure of the Half Moon rises atop the central tower of the State University of New York, serving as a weather vane for the University.

The image is that ‌of Henry Hudson's sailing ship, the Half Moon, that in 1609 sailed northeast from England, searching for an all water route to Asia, only to be turned back by arctic ice floes. Hudson then steered to the west, searching for the Northwest Passage to the rich spice trade of China. He sailed across the Atlantic, explored the North American coast as far south as the Outer Banks and eventually sailed up the Hudson River, landing at present day Albany.

Just like Henry Hudson, we are often charged with challenging goals, facing insurmountable obstacles in our way. We may be forced to change direction, or explore other alternatives. It seems appropriate that we take as our guiding image the weather vane atop our system administration office -- a depiction of the Half Moon, a vessal of exploration, always heading into the wind.

[Credit to Tom Lascell, Dir of HR/AA Emeritus, Canton for the logo and narrative].


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