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Applied Learning newsletter:
The Umbrella - Issue 13

Applied Learning at SUNY encompasses so many types of scholarship and engagement. Here are some internal resources developed by the initiative as well as external resources in varying types of Applied Learning.

SUNY White Paper on STEM Education

STEM@SUNY: Increasing the Persistence of Undergraduate Students in STEM at the State University of New York (SUNY)
     A STEM White Paper created by The STEM Undergraduate Research and Education Steering Committee


SUNY Internships and Co-ops Guide

Guidance for how to organize internships and co-ops, although the recommendations and sample forms in this document are applicable to many other areas of Applied Learning. All of the forms listed in appendices are available as both fillable PDF files as well as .docx (WORD) files. If you have any questions please contact appliedlearning@suny.edu.

Internships and Co-ops: A Guide for Planning, Implementation and Assessment  PDF | WORD

  • Faculty Supervisor Summary Comments  PDFWORD
  • Internship Faculty Supervisor Assessment of Student Accomplishment  PDF | WORD
  • Internship Site Supervisor Evaluation of Student Intern  PDF | WORD
  • On-Site Experience  PDF | WORD
  • Site Supervisor Assessment of Student as Reported to Faculty by On-Site Supervisor  PDF | WORD
  • Student Internship Learning Outcomes Form  PDF | WORD
  • Visit/Consultation Form  PDF | WORD
  • Intern Evaluation Rubric  PDF
  • Proposed Internship Site  PDF
  • Sample Learning Agreement 1  PDF
  • Sample Learning Agreement 2  PDF

Reports made possible by a grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York

External Resources

Studies on impact of Applied Learning


The Umbrella - Applied Learning newsletter

The SUNY Applied Learning newsletter, The Umbrella, is made available throughout the year.

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