Partnerships help expand applied learning

As part of our commitment to provide an applied learning opportunity to every student, SUNY has established partnerships with business and industry, non-profit, and other state agencies across New York State, the nation, and the world. Individual SUNY campuses are working with partners to expand applied learning opportunities for all our students.

Looking to start or develop an internship program at your organization? We have an Employer Internship Checklist to consider when developing your internship program. Further information on legal issues is available in A Primer for SUNY’s Partners in Applied Learning.

Why Applied Learning Works For All

Working with partners to address current community, workforce and research needs, faculty develop curricula to guide the learning process for students. Students, in turn, partner with their supervisor and academic advisor to develop learning outcomes. In essence, education and experience – too often considered separate and distinct – are integrated to the benefit of all involved.

For students, it is a chance to apply knowledge and skills gained in the classroom to the real-world; for partners, it is an opportunity to gain the unique perspective and product of an ambitious, energetic, and intellectually creative student.

SUNY simply cannot meet the goal of ensuring every single SUNY student has at least one applied learning opportunity before they graduate without creating deep and reciprocal partnerships with business and industry, with the non-profit section, and with other state agencies and campuses.

What would you like to tell employers about student experience they might not know?

Making internships accesible to students with disabilities.


Why should you hire students who have studied abroad?

International students, work eligibility and their skills.

Applied Learning