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Professional Skills Career Launch

SUNY Professional Skills Career Launch

Two open education resources are now available to the SUNY community free of charge: SUNY Professional Skills: Career Launch for All Majors and SUNY Professional Skills: Career Launch for Engineers. These courses are free to use by any faculty or professional staff member.

The professional skills career launch is a multi-campus collaboration between Binghamton University, Cornell University, SUNY Oswego, and University at Buffalo. Initially, this course was developed for engineering and technology students, but with additional funding support from Carnegie Corporation of New York, additional content was developed to support all students in obtaining employment and launching their careers. The curriculum is designed to develop critical thinkers with theoretic and tactical skills, communication and interpersonal skills, and work place ready interactive skills through self-paced online instruction, assessment, assignments and evaluation.

The course was developed as an online course with distinct modules adaptable for delivery as a hybrid, in class or fully online course:

  • Career Readiness Fundamentals
  • Self-assessment and Career Market Research
  • Job Search Essentials: Cover Letters, Business Emails, Resumes, Thank You Notes,
  • Interviewing and Social Media
  • Professionalism and Ethics in the Workplace
  • Teamwork
  • On the Job Career Launch

The engineering professional skills course, targeted to second semester freshmen and sophomores, was initially offered online as a Beta Test to the students at Binghamton University, Cornell University, SUNY Oswego, and University at Buffalo over Summer 2014.

The SUNY Professional Skills Career Launch for Engineers and the SUNY Professional Skills Career Launch for All Majors are free for all SUNY campuses to adopt. Campuses may choose to offer modules online or in hybrid mix between classroom presentation and online curriculum. Modules or content from these courses may be offered through discipline-based departments, career development offices, and general studies or capstone courses.

The courses are also available globally through the SUNY Digital Repository and MERLOT.

SUNY Professional Skills Videos

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The recommended E-Textbook for the All Majors course is:

Ready to Launch Your Career: A Winning Process to Create Your Professional Future by Dean C. Millar, University at Buffalo and Mark S. Savage, Cornell University, published by Pearson Prentice Hall.

To purchase the recommended text:

Students:  visit: www.pearsoncustom.com/ny/suny_professionalskills and click on Register/Purchase Access. 

Bookstore Purchase Option:  At participating campuses, students may purchase a standalone access code in the bookstore. The student will then follow the directions in the access code to go to website: www.pearsoncustom.com/ny/suny_professionalskills and Register their access code.

Direct to student price will be $19.95.
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What is the SUNY Professional Skills Career Launch?