Alfred State student volunteers stand in front of a salvation army store.

Taking the student experience into the field

Case Study - Student Perceptions of the SUNY Applied Learning Program

SUNY Students in Applied Learning
A Snapshot of SUNY Works, SUNY Serves, and SUNY Discovers at SUNY’s 64 Campuses

40% of all registered programs at SUNY currently require approved applied learning experiences.

Internships are one of the best way to test out your capabilities, taking them beyond the classroom. But it doesn’t end at internships. With Applied Learning, you can lend your research skills to a lab, your free time to the community, or your expertise to your field of choice, gaining in experience just as much as you give.

Through Applied Learning, SUNY students have: found internships in businesses large and small, nonprofits, the public sector, and more; engaged in innovative research; studied abroad on every continent; volunteered with the local community, the nation, and the world; and developed professional contacts and practical skills.

As a SUNY student, you have a lot to offer, and a lot to gain, from applying your skills from the classroom to the world. Why not begin now?

New York State Internship Opportunities:


Co-op Placements, Internships, Work Study, Clinical Placements
  • Cooperative Education
  • Co-op & Clinical Placements
  • Internships
  • Practicum

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Service Learning, Community Service, Civic Engagement
  • Service-learning
  • Community service
  • Civic Engagement

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Research, Entrepreneurship, Field Study, Experiences Abroad
  • Research
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Field Study
  • Experiences Abroad
  • Creative Works

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Applied Learning