Applied Learning Experts

Call for Nominations: SUNY Applied Learning Corps of Experts

This group of faculty and professional staff will be called upon to share their ideas and experience in developing, implementing, tracking and teaching various types of applied learning, and they will be added to a public list of SUNY Applied Learning Experts. It is anticipated that these experts will volunteer to support other campuses in professional development, curriculum development, program development and other areas. 

We are looking for faculty and professional staff who you know to be champions in any type of applied learning including, but not limited to: hands-on research, internships, service-learning, civic engagement, field and clinical placements, and teacher education. Experts may have experience creating how-to manuals, completing exemplary applied learning activities in a particular discipline, or developing techniques for engaging with partners, helping students navigate approved applied learning activities, or measuring student outcomes.

Please nominate or have experts self-identify by sending an email to AppliedLearning@suny.edu with the following information:

Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Applied Learning Office (AppliedLearning@suny.edu) with any questions about the nomination processes.

Applied Learning