NYC Department of Education Partnership

NYC Department of Education Partnership

New York City boasts our nation's largest school system (1,100 schools) with each city school having its own unique characteristics. New York City schools represent the most diverse ethnic, social, and economic population in the nation, and can also claim some of the State's best teachers. We have partnerships with many school districts in all of the five boroughs. Job opportunities continue to be available for SUNY graduates who have received their New York State teaching certificate.

Learning to teach in the New York City School System is an extraordinary experience. Student teachers learn how to be successful classroom teachers by meeting challenges, thinking critically, and utilizing a broad range of instructional skills. The partnership among SUTEC, the State University and its campuses, and the New York City Department of Education creates an environment in which student teachers are supported and have access to a variety of resources.

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New York City Department of Education

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