SUTEC Resources

SUTEC Resources

SUTEC provides students with a wide range of programs and services:

Student Teacher Orientation

Each semester begins with a Student Teacher Orientation for all SUNY student teachers in city schools. Students meet peers from their own campus as well as from other campuses, some of whom may be teaching in the same host school(s). They also receive important guidance regarding living in New York City and working in the city school system. SUTEC hosts workshops throughout the semester on such topics as learning how to obtain a teaching position in the city.

Student Teaching Seminar

Many of the SUNY student teachers participate in a seminar conducted by SUTEC while engaged in student teaching in the city. The seminar is designed to prepare caring, critical, and reflective professionals who are academically strong, pedagogically skilled, and responsive to the needs of diverse classrooms. Discussions, reflections, and peer sharing are integral activities of the seminars.

Field Supervisors

SUTEC sponsors periodic gatherings for field supervisors, providing an opportunity to share their expertise, and exchange ideas.

SUTEC Symposia

SUTEC also organizes occasional symposia on urban education themes that bring together campus administrators and faculty, NYC classroom teachers, principals, and superintendents, as well as others with expertise in urban education.

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