List of Past Presidents

Past Presidents


Name Campus Service Years1
Lee Abbott Binghamton (1972-1974)
John Patterson Cortland (1974-1976)
John Cummings Binghamton (1976-1978)
Charlie Weber Oneonta (1978-1981)2
Anthony "Tony" Panebianco Utica-Rome (1981-1983)
Richard "Bud" Meade Brockport (1983-1985)
Donald "Don" Lackey Geneseo (1985-1987)
Janet "Jan" Zimmer Empire (1987-1989)
Tonya Satryb Brockport (1989-1991)
Donald "Don" McHugh Cortland (1991-1993)
Daniel "Dan" O'Rourke Fredonia (1993-1995)
Richard "Rich" Carreno Morrisville (1995-1997)
Thomas "Tom" Lascell Canton (1997-1999)
Kathryn "Kathy" Perry Potsdam (1999-2001)
Stephen "Steve" Beditz Albany (2001-2003)
Sylvia Hall Binghamton (2003-2005)
Larry Mills Plattsburgh (2005-2007)
James Mancuso Albany (2007-2009)
Jim Jarvis Buffalo (2010-2011)
Marcia A. Barber Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) (2011-2013)
Lisa Wenck Oneonta (2014-Present)

1- Two-Year Terms begin and end in January

2- Charlie Weber Served three years - during his first year, by-laws were written to be effective in 1979 and he was then elected for a two-year term.

3- President Elect



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