Climate Survey

Biennial SUNY Uniform Campus Climate Survey

Pursuant to New York State Education Law Article 129-B and 2014 and 2018 Board policies, The State University of New York conducts a survey of the campus climate around sexual and interpersonal violence every other year. Separate surveys are sent to all students and all employees, respectively. No one under the age of 18 is surveyed.

Survey e-mails come from SUNY System Administration (an example of the e-mail is below). To demonstrate legitimacy and guard against spam or false e-mails, the Climate Survey e-mail will include the first name of the recipient and be sent to the e-mail address they maintain on file with their campus. Pursuant to policy, the technology of the survey instrument is set up so that it is not possible to match the responses to the survey with the identification of the person who submitted it.


Prior Surveys


For more information, please contact:

Teresa A. Foster
Associate Provost - Institutional Research and Data Analytics
The State University of New York
H. Carl McCall SUNY Building
353 Broadway
Albany, New York 12246
Tel: 518.320.1481