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Artists and curators bring us together in shared experiences, compel us to look at the world in new ways, and prompt us to reflect deeply on ideas. SUNY supports its developing artists and curators through system-wide competitions, exhibits and other events designed to provide exposure and opportunities to exercise art important entrepreneurial skills.

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2022 SUNYPride Art Showcase

2021-22 SUNY Pride call for creative contributions that celebrate the intersectionality of diverse identities, promote gender and identity equality, and represent LGBTQIA+ inclusion. Eligible areas include: creative writing, drama, dance, music, and visual art (including film).

About the exhibition:
We hope to create a celebratory virtual exhibition that captures the essence of the 2022 SUNY Pride Theme: Pride in Action. Pride is a verb. It means standing up for our rights, challenging injustice, and practicing active inclusion to bring LGBTQIA+ voices to the table. It means claiming who we are and claiming our space in the world—through our example, through advocacy, and through inclusion.

During SUNY Pride 2022, and all year long, we're inviting our students, faculty, and staff to showcase SUNY's commitment to the LGBTQIA+ community and the power of inclusion, equality, and justice.

Students, faculty, staff, and alumni are all welcome to submit works. If you are a student, you do not need to be majoring in one of the arts. Amateurs and professionals are equally welcome.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Friday, June 13th, 2022 12:00AM

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2021-22 SUNY Pride Virtual Art Exhibition
Creative works by SUNY students that represent and celebrate LGBTQIA+ inclusion.

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The Virtual Abstract Collection is a virtual art exhibition based on works drawn from the event held annually at the SUNY Global Center

Virtual Abstract Collection