Graduate Research Empowering and Accelerating Talent

Graduate fellowship awards not only bring in resources for students to pursue their graduate studies, but also increase the visibility of students and their home institutions. Prestigious graduate fellowships support talented individual students, freeing them to conduct creative and cutting-edge research. Many SUNY campuses already provide strong mentorship and guidance for fellowship writing, and SUNY is augmenting these efforts with webinars to encourage a culture of grant- and fellowship-writing.


SUNY GREAT Award (Graduate Research Empowering and Accelerating Talent)

SUNY GREAT will provide $5,000 in flexible funding to incentivize SUNY students (both graduate and undergraduate) to submit competitive applications for prestigious, highly-competitive graduate fellowships and enroll in SUNY's graduate programs. The funds are provided not only to those who win the fellowship awards, but also to those recognized with Honorable Mention, a significant national honor.

For details and eligibility requirements, see the SUNY GREAT Award Announcement from June 15, 2020.

Questions? See FAQs or email for more information.

Graduate fellowship programs eligible for SUNY GREAT

Have you been involved in research in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics)?  (Note: many social sciences are considered STEM fields!)

Are you considering applying to graduate school (for a research-based PhD or Master's)?

Or: Are you already enrolled in your first or second year of graduate training on a SUNY campus?

Consider applying to the National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) for a prestigious fellowship to fund your Master's or Ph.D. studies.

SUNY sponsored GRFP webinar series

SUNY created a series of webinars to help to prepare SUNY undergraduates and graduate students in STEM fields to compete in the upcoming National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship Program competition. The deadlines are coming up, in late October. To access these webinars, contact Jacquie Spano at