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Services Retirees Provide

Services Retirees May Provide

Retirees are a wonderful resource because of their wealth of knowledge and skill. Retirees can make significant contributions of their time and experience right in their own communities.

The SUNY Retirees Service Corps (RSC) conducted a survey of SUNY retirees regarding volunteerism. View the report on the survey findings here‌.

The RSC will be expanding its website to offer SUNY retirees an opportunity to indicate if they are interested in volunteering on campus, in the community, or both. They will also be able to select areas of interest/expertise. Given below are some examples of campus activities/services where retirees can be helpful.

When an adequate number of retirees interested in volunteerism have registered for the upcoming SUNY Retirees Network (which will also include a secure online retiree directory and blog/chatroom), the Retirees Service Corps will launch a volunteer matching service. The RSC will contact registered retirees with volunteer opportunities; if they are interested, the retiree may contact the campus or organization directly to work out the details.

In the meantime, SUNY retirees may reach out to their own campus about possible volunteer opportunities. Those interested in volunteering in the community can contact their local New York State Office for Aging office. They may also find volunteer opportunities on the New Yorkers Volunteer website at

The Intergenerational Initiative of Southern Illinois University created an informative document explaining how and where retirees can contribute. You can view the document here.


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