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2015 SUNY Retirees Conf. PowerPoint Presentations

2015 SUNY Retirees Conference PowerPoint Presentations (PDFs)

Click an underlined title below to see a PDF of the the corresponding PowerPoint (PPT) Presentation shown at the 2015 SUNY Retirees Conference, "Creating New Connections."

SUNY Cradle to Career PPT PDF
Presenter: Vanessa Threatte, Executive Director, New York State Cradle to Career Alliance, SUNY System Administration

Retiree Health Insurance Update PPT - 2015 SUNY Retirees Conf. (PDF)
Presenters: Michele Howe, Member Services Unit Supervisor, New York State Department of Civil Service's Employee Benefits Division, and Travis Clause, Program Manager, New York State Department of Civil Service's Employee Benefits Division

Retirement Income Planning PPT PDF - 2015 SUNY Retirees Conference
Presenter: Ryan Lambert, CPRC, Senior Financial Planner/Functional Manager, Lambert & Spratt Financial Partners, an office of MetLife
NOTE: Mr. Lambert did not show the PowerPoint slides as he opted to use the entire conference session to answer audience questions on short- and long-term investments, the tax implications of withdrawals, and the wisdom of having an updated Estate plan and will.‌

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