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Advisory Council Role & Composition

Role and Composition of the RSC Advisory Council

I. Role of the Advisory Council

The SUNY Retirees Service Corps (RSC) Advisory Council is a working group composed of SUNY retirees and liaison/support personnel. The Council acts in an advisory capacity to the Director of University-wide Human Resources regarding the operation and governance of the Service Corps. Specifically, its responsibilities include:

II. Composition of the Advisory Council

Since the RSC's activities extend to all SUNY campuses, it is important that the membership of the Advisory Council be broad-based. It should represent the wide diversity among SUNY campuses and array of retirees in terms of their professional background and experience. The Council will be made up of at least fifteen (15) SUNY retirees and six (6) to seven (7) liaison/support personnel.

1. Criteria for Selecting SUNY Retirees to Serve on the Council

Regional Representation: One retiree from each of the ten (10) SUNY regions as identified in The Commission on Higher Education Report (2007) and three (3) retirees from the Community Colleges.

  1. At-Large Representation: Two (2) at-large retiree representatives.
  2. Professional Expertise in the Areas of Need: At least one retiree with relevant professional expertise and experience in the areas of community service needs, e.g., health care, social services, rural development, education, economic development, legal services, local government.
  3. Commitment to Community Service: Individuals selected must have been active in university and community service and be willing to serve as advocates for involving retirees in service activities.
  4. Diversity: Membership should be derived from among current SUNY retirees, keeping in mind the variety of disciplines, occupations, professional experience, gender and racial mix, e.g., teaching faculty, administration, support staff, and other professionals.

Note: The above selection criteria for membership are not mutually exclusive, e.g., one member may meet more than one of these criteria. However, it is important to keep these guidelines in mind while looking for members to serve on this Council.

2. Liaison and Support Members (Ex-Officio Members)

  1. Director of University-wide Human Resources
  2. University Faculty Senate President or a designee
  3. SUNY Faculty Council of Community Colleges President or a designee
  4. Non-SUNY Representation - At least one person with experience in operating a retirees community service organization
  5. SUNY System - one person from University-wide Human Resources

III. Term of Appointment for Fifteen (15) SUNY Retiree Members

Retiree members will be initially appointed for a one-, two-, or three-year term with a possibility of one reappointment. Initially, the appointments will be:

This will eventually allow for one-third of the Council to be replaced each year with new members, while still retaining continuity on the Council. Members may be nominated for one additional three-year term, and may not serve more than two consecutive terms. Individuals may be nominated for future terms after having vacated the Council for at least one year.

IV. Nomination process

The Executive Committee of the Advisory Council will serve as the Nominating Committee. The Committee will seek nominations from the existing campus retiree centers and/or from the campus presidents. The Committee will ensure that the process for seeking nominations and for the selection of individuals to serve on the Council is fair and professional. The Nomination Committee will keep in mind the criteria for selection of retirees to serve on the Council. The Committee will submit its recommendations to the Advisory Council for final approval.

V. Method of Operations

The Advisory Council will meet at least one (1) time per year. The Council members will be kept informed of RSC activities through e-mail, phone, and conference calls.

  1. A Chair and Vice Chair will be appointed annually from among the Council members by a majority vote.
  2. There will be an Executive Committee composed of:
    • Chair and Vice Chair of the Advisory Council
    • Director of University-wide Human Resources
    • University Faculty Senate President or designee
    • SUNY Faculty Council of Community Colleges President or designee
    • Other appropriate ex-officio members as needed to conduct business
  3. The Executive Committee will work closely with the Director of University-wide Human Resources and RSC Coordinator and will guide the work of the RSC on behalf of the Advisory Council. The Committee will meet in between Council meetings as needed.
  4. The Council will follow Robert’s Rules of Order in conducting its business and the decisions will be based on a consensus approach.
  5. The minutes of the Council meetings will be maintained.
  6. The Director of University-wide Human Resources will serve as an ex-officio member of the Council and the RSC Coordinator will provide logistical support to the Advisory Council and the Executive Committee.

VI: Sub-Committees of the Advisory Council

The Advisory Council may appoint sub-committees on various topics to accomplish the mission of RSC. The sub-committees will be chaired by a member of the Advisory Council, but other members of the subcommittee may come from outside the Advisory Council.

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