SUNY Retiree Service Corps - Connecting with our retirees through service.

Developmental Strategies

The RSC plans to pursue the following strategies to accomplish its mission:

  1. Create awareness about the potential value of SUNY retired faculty, administrators, and staff, and of their unique needs during their retirement years through making presentations and sharing information with university-wide and campus groups of administrators, faculty, staff, retirees, and community.
  2. Work with SUNY System Administration and the campuses to create programs to strengthen the retiree-campus-community connections with their retirees. Provide information on the mechanics of starting a campus retiree program or organization and on the working of similar retiree programs and organizations at other institutions.
  3. Encourage campuses to survey their retirees not only to assess areas of their interests and services they would be willing to offer to the campus and community, but also to find out the services they may need to make their transition to retirement meaningful and seamless, and to enhance their retirement years.
  4. Develop a SUNY Retirees website to serve as a resource center, database for retirees, discussion forum, clearing house for volunteering, and link to the campus retirees programs within SUNY.
  5. Explore the creation of a SUNY-wide association of the campus retirees programs for promoting greater communication and interaction among them.
  6. Explore the creation of a SUNY ID card for retirees that could be used at all SUNY campuses.
  7. Work with other organizations involved with retirees, including unions, in order to promote cooperation, networking, and avoid duplication of efforts.
  8. Promote programs and activities to publicize and recognize the contributions made by the retirees to their campuses and community.
Retirees Service Corps