Classes and Medallions of Distinction

Classes and Medallions of Distinction

Honorary Medallion of Distinction

The Honorary Medallion of Distinction honors a prominent individual who has enhanced the research, teaching or service components of the State University of New York, and she/he becomes an honorary member of the SUNY Distinguished Academy.

Honorary Medallion of Distinction


DA Classes

Each year, campuses nominate deserving faculty for promotion to the system-wide distinguished rank. Faculty who receive the support of the system Provost and Chancellor are forwarded to the SUNY Board of Trustees for their approval. Since 1963, the SUNY Board has promoted 1,277 SUNY faculty to the four Distinguished ranks. Distinguished faculty serve as role models. They give lectures and seminars, inform curricular reform, improve the overall academic experience of students, mentor junior faculty, and lead inquiry into issues of importance to SUNY and society. Once promoted, these faculty are then inducted into the greater Distinguished Academy.

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