DA Board and Committees

DA Board and Committees

Distinguished Academy Board

In collaboration with SUNY system and acting under the guidance of the Chancellor, the DA board serves to guide the activities of the academy at large. Members are elected by the body for three-year terms. 

Distinguished Academy Board

DA Board Committees

The DA's committees are established each year by the DA board chair, in response to the Chancellor's strategic initiatives and the Academy's interests.

Bylaws Committee

Chair, Dr. Makau Mutua
Distinguished Professor, University at Buffalo

The committee will review proposed revisions to the bylaws and present them to the board for consideration, and then to the members of the Distinguished Academy (DA) for approval.

Black Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Committee

Chair, Dr. Karolyn (Kay) Stonefelt
Distinguished Professor, SUNY Fredonia

Working in accord with the 2021 SUNY Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Action Plan and the Board of Trustees' 2015 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy, the committee addresses issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the DA and SUNY for BIPOC people. As part of this work, it will highlight problems of racial disparities that impact the experiences of students, faculty, staff, and communities, and then it will propose solutions to the problems.

Mentorship Committee

Chair, Dr. Amit Bandyopadhyay
Distinguished Service Professor, Farmingdale State College

The DA Mentorship Committee will establish a diverse and inclusive corps of mentors in various disciplines and will assist campuses in fostering academic excellence through collaboration between a mentee and a mentor faculty member. Faculty mentors can contribute significantly to the development of their mentees' research, application for grants, teaching and clinical skills, particularly with respect to career satisfaction, career management and collegial networking. For the purposes of this committee, a "mentor" is defined as a member of the SUNY Distinguished Academy. A "mentee" is defined as any SUNY faculty member seeking mentoring.

Nominating Committee

Chair, Dr. Vincent Iacono
Distinguished Service Professor, Stony Brook University

Each year, the Chair of the Board will select a Nominating Committee comprised of members of the Board and three at-large members from the different Distinguished ranks. The committee will be responsible for nominating a slate of Academy members for election to the DA Board. The Nominating Committee will strive to ensure that the Board is representative of all those with Distinguished rank.

Presentation Committee

Chair, Dr. Miriam Rafailovich
Distinguished Professor, Stony Brook University

To plan and implement a multi-format presentation series that fosters academic excellence by showcasing and encouraging interaction with Distinguished SUNY faculty and the world.

Finance Committee

Chair, James Hewlett
Distinguished Service Professor, Finger Lakes Community College

The Finance Committee, which will include the Board Secretary/Treasurer, will determine the budgetary allocation of SUNY to the DA and provide a periodic report of funds allocation to the Board. It will also review any funding applications for special projects from committees before transmittal of the application to SUNY System Administration.

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