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Lawrence Spizman, Prof. Emeritus, SUNY Oswego

SUNY Oswego Professor Emeritus Presents Papers at Two National Conferences

Photo of Lawrence Spizman, professor emeritus of economics at SUNY Oswego

Lawrence Spizman, professor emeritus of economics at SUNY Oswego, is president elect of the National Association of Forensic Economics. He presented his paper “Mean vs. Median Statistical Earnings: ACS vs. CPS” at the 2014 Allied Social Science Association annual meetings in Philadelphia in January. His presentation expanded on his recently published research analyzing the use and misuse of basic income statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In March 2014 he presented a paper, “How to Use the Ordered Probit Model for the Next Generation Educational Attainment for a Minor Child,” at the Eastern Economic Association’s 40th annual conference in Boston.

Spizman is a forensic economist assisting the legal community throughout the United States in matters concerning economic issues in litigation.

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