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Luciano J. Iorizzo (Oswego) Edits New WW II Book

New World War II Book has SUNY Oswego Retiree Connection

Luciano J. Iorizzo, emeritus professor of history at SUNY Oswego, is the editor of a newly published book that offers a wide-ranging account of World War II through the eyes of Italian soldiers who were held as prisoners of war around the globe.

"Italian POWs Speak Out at Last: Italian Prisoners of War Break Their Silence" by Carlo Ferroni is published by Teneo Press.

The book consists of four sections, with Italian veterans telling of their experiences before and after the war in Italy, the fighting in North Africa, Greece, Yugoslavia, Russia and Italy itself, and their time as prisoners in the United States, Germany, Britain, India, South Africa, Australia and other countries.

The former POWs recall their constant wartime hunger, homesickness, and hellish vulnerability to death, disease and parasites, but one said he still felt he benefited from his capture and imprisonment.

"I learned a lot from the ordeal. You could see reality," he said. "It was a great experience, an experience that taught you what man was really like when naked and stripped of everything."

The author and Iorizzo have been long acquainted through the American Italian Historical Association. Iorizzo is a founding member and past president of the association.

Ferroni taught at Ashland University in Ohio for 30 years. He received his doctorate in history from Kent State University.

Iorizzo taught history at SUNY Oswego for 30 years. The emeritus professor earned his doctorate in American history from Syracuse University. Iorizzo is an authority on organized crime and has published extensively. His books have been translated for readers around the world.

Professor Iorizzo can be reached at

Editor’s Note: Professor Iorizzo was named to the SUNY Oswego Faculty Hall of Fame in August 2013.

Photo of Professor Emeritus Luciano J. Iorizzo of SUNY Oswego, who edited Professor Luciano J. Iorizzo‌

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