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Posting Campus Volunteer Opportunities

Posting Campus Volunteer Opportunities

SUNY retirees constitute a rich resource for the university system and local communities. They are highly educated and posses a wide variety of specialized knowledge, professional expertise, and work experience.

The SUNY Retirees Service Corps (RSC) is committed to develop a mechanism where the talents of our retirees can be utilized in a meaningful way through volunteer and service opportunities available at SUNY campuses and local community organizations. Numerous studies have concluded that retirees benefit from volunteering as much or more than the organization they are assisting.

The RSC conducted a survey of SUNY retirees regarding volunteerism. View the report on the survey findings here‌.

The RSC will be expanding its website to offer SUNY retirees an opportunity to indicate if they are interested in volunteering on campus, in the community, or both. They will also be able to select areas of interest/expertise. Given below are some examples of campus activities/services where retirees can be helpful.

When an adequate number of retirees interested in volunteerism have registered for the upcoming SUNY Retirees Network (which will also include a secure online retiree directory and blog/chatroom), the Retirees Service Corps will launch its volunteer matching service. The RSC will contact registered retirees with volunteer opportunities; if they are interested, the retiree may contact the campus or organization directly to work out the details.

In the Meantime...
SUNY campuses with current volunteer opportunities for which SUNY retirees would be well-suited are welcome to submit brief descriptions of those opportunities to the SUNY Retirees Service Corps at Include all relevant details, including contact information and deadlines. You may attach a Word document or a link to your website that shows the volunteer opportunity at your campus. 

Campus volunteer opportunities will be posted on the Current Volunteer Opportunites page in the Retiree Resources, Information, and Benefits section of the RSC website.

SUNY retirees will click the name of the opportunity/opportunities that interest them to read all relevant details. If they want to learn more, they will contact the campus directly.

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