Male police officer in uniform looks to his right with sunlight shining over his shoulder.

Our People

Command Staff

The Command Staffs of the University Police Departments are as diverse as the campuses they serve.  The positions include Chiefs of Police, Deputy Chiefs, Assistant Chiefs and Inspectors.  The size of the Command Staff on any campus is a reflection of the responsibilities the department has and the “span of control” necessary to manage the activities of a 24 hour a day police operation.  The members of the department Command Staffs include members who have both come up through the ranks and who have joined us after careers elsewhere in law enforcement.  Many have managerial responsibilities in areas such as emergency management, parking services, access control or other campus services.  All are dedicated professionals who are accountable to the senior leadership of their campus. 


University Police Lieutenants are the shift supervisors for the uniformed personnel in the department.  As sworn police officers they have full law enforcement authority, but are also responsible for the scheduling of shift personnel of various ranks, the review of police reports and other administrative tasks. 


Members in this promotional title investigate crimes and other matters affecting the safety and security of their campuses in order to assist in the identification, apprehension and prosecution of suspects and violators.  They regularly interview witnesses, victims, complainants and suspects and coordinate with the local police officials to obtain information relevant to investigations of criminal acts or violations of University regulations at campuses.  They periodically meet with other organizations, campus groups, and the faculty and staff to discuss security problems, explain the mission of the department, and develop positive, cooperative relationships between the University Police and the campus community.

Police Officers

University Police Officers (UPOs) enforce all New York State and local laws as well as the Code of Conduct for their campus.  UPOs are charged with full police powers under the Criminal Procedure Law §1.20(34)(s) and are responsible for the performance of a full range of professional police duties.  UPOs may patrol on foot, on bicycle, in a vehicle or even on horseback as needed.  Beyond preventative patrol, they respond to incidents, assist at campus special events, and deliver a wide variety of in-service and community educational programs.

University Police Communications and Security Specialist

The first of our non-sworn uniformed positions are utilized on several campuses to provide communications services to the department.  Their primary responsibility is to function as a desk officer, dispatcher and 9-1-1 operator.  They are the main point of contact between the community and the department.  In this role they operate the department radio system, computer systems, the DCJS e-Justice portal, surveillance cameras and electronic access control equipment.  In addition, they are State licensed security guards who may patrol campus buildings and facilities, enforce regulations and be a security and safety resource to the community.  

Security Services Assistants

These uniformed, State licensed security officers serve as the “eyes and ears” of their departments.  They patrol both academic areas and residence halls to provide a visible deterrence to crime and to assist students, faculty, staff and visitors as necessary.  They can enforce campus regulations.  Security Services Assistants are often the first to locate and report unsafe conditions or criminal incidents such as vandalism.

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