Welcome New NYS Master Teachers!

We Welcome and Honor New NYS Master Teachers!

Skaneateles High School Biology Teachers Maureen Jarvis  and Richard Garrett recognized as NYS Master Teachers.
Skaneateles High School Biology Teachers Maureen Jarvis and Richard Garrett recognized as NYS Master Teachers

Being selected and named as a New York State Master Teacher is among the highest professional honors awarded to our state’s Science, Technology, Computer Science, Engineering, and Mathematics educators. We heartily welcome and applaud the accomplishments of the 214 educators recently recognized as NYS Master Teachers by Governor Andrew Cuomo and SUNY Chancellor Kristina Johnson.

NYS Master Teachers are recognized for their excellence and commitment to growth in our Three Domains:

the depth of their content knowledge, the effectiveness of their teaching practices, and the efforts and value they place on connecting with their students’ families and communities.

The pride that students, faculty, districts, and communities feel is visceral when their teachers have been recognized for their outstanding work. In the words of one student, “My teacher makes everyone feel important - and that makes you want to be your best in everything you do.”

Northport HS Master Teacher Kristen Rozell (2nd from right) with her senior calculus students

Mohawk Valley region principal, Jeffrey Kuhn of Whitesboro High School, who has several excellent faculty members honored as Master Teachers, describes the value of this achievement and of their participation in the program in this way:

"We’ve always had a conscious effort with professional development, but this is really another level. It’s really the best of the best."

Gilana Reiss 275x206
Master Teacher Gilana Reiss is the Science Research Coordinator and a chemistry teacher at Hunter College High School.

Newly announced NYS Master Teachers are absorbing the news of the honor they have received; yet, they do not rest on their laurels for a moment! Many have already begun to attend and contribute to our program’s professional development events - and all are continuing to support excellence among their students and colleagues.

While Master Teachers have reached a pinnacle in their careers, they are also representative of an excellent statewide teaching force that strives each day to provide every child in New York state with a strong foundation and the skills they will need to thrive in the 21st century.

Learn more about the inspiring work of new, current, and emeritus NYS Master Teachers by visiting the Portrait of a Master Teacher section of our News and Updates page, and by exploring the Meet the Master Teachers pages of our website.

New Hartford Senior High School Master Teacher Jason Bradley