Group of students from Herkimer County Community College pose outdoors after a day of neighborhood cleanup activities.
Core Values

Core Values

The student is at the heart of all we do, whether we are focusing on the impact of volunteerism and applied learning on a student’s education, or student impact on campus and in community

Community Engagement
In our communities, learning goes both ways and forms of engagement range from community service and volunteerism to civic engagement, service-learning and participatory research. 

Diversity enriches our lives and the educational experience. Drawing on the myriad life experiences and social locations of our students, we seek to engage in thoughtful, respectful and meaningful ways with campus and wider communities.

When we demand of each other the highest standards of integrity and accountability, we create a collegial community that can confidently explore new frontiers, vigorously debate ideas, and learn from mistakes. 

Collaboration makes our expertise more powerful. When we acknowledge common goals and approach problems in a spirit of reciprocity and flexibility, we achieve far more than when we labor alone.

Why does SUNY Matter?