Group of students from Herkimer County Community College pose outdoors after a day of neighborhood cleanup activities.
SUNY and the Vibrant Community

SUNY and the Vibrant Community

We believe that strong communities are at the heart of economic revitalization. And with a half-million enrolled students every single semester, New York's system of public higher education is presented with a unique opportunity and responsibility to create deep applied learning opportunities for each and every student in order to foster meaningful and reciprocal partnerships with our communities. SUNY graduates become teachers, healthcare professionals, first responders, and public servants--who illuminate vibrant communities across the globe--as well as engineers, scientists, financiers, and mechanics, who embody this sense and display it in their work every single day.

A remarkable 97 percent of all New Yorkers live within 20 miles of a SUNY campus. Many of these campuses proudly bear the name of their home city or town. All of them serve as the local crossroads, enabling people from diverse backgrounds to meet and deepen their mutual sense of belonging while pursuing pesonal educational advancement.

“We work toward a common goal: To revitalize New York’s economy and enhance the quality of life for all its citizens.”

-Chancellor Zimpher

Our service learning focuses on educating students with tactile programs. These courses and projects rely on reflection and assessment, as well as action and student leadership. The benefits of quality relationships between students, faculty, institutions, and the local community and are both immediate and tangible, and long-term and theoretical.  

In addition to classroom-based engagement, SUNY family members--from our students to retirees--continually engage in volunteerism. Whether they are coming together in the wake of a storm, celebrating a national day of service, or committing to volunteer in specific service sectors or issue areas, the contributions result in capacity-building for nonprofit agencies throughout New York and also by empower students to pursue their own vibrant ambitions.

Many campus projects and classes focus on civic engagement, helping education students about their rights, roles, and responsibilities as citizens, and SUNY also acts as a major source for arts-and-culture programming that makes life richer or everyone and connects us to one another as no device or social network ever can. 

Why does SUNY Matter?