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SUNY Works

We are the leaders in innovative higher education and SUNY Works is the essence of a 21st Century education.

Co-Op at SUNY

Students, faculty and employers discuss how everybody benefits when students take part in the cooperative education program offered by SUNY Oswego.

Everybody wins: Learning is a lifelong process. We adapt and change as we acquire new skills and participate in new experiences. This mutually dependent relationship between knowledge and experience is at the heart of SUNY Works.

The SUNY Works program engages students in a structured education program that blends classroom studies with experiential learning in a field directly related to the student's academic and career goals.

Working with employers to address current labor market needs, faculty develop curricula to guide the learning process for students; students, in turn, partner with their employment supervisor and academic advisor to develop learning outcomes. In essence, education and experience, so often considered separate and distinct, become integrated to the benefit of all involved. For students, it is a chance to apply knowledge and skills gained in the classroom to a real-world position; for employers, it is an opportunity to gain the unique perspective and product of an ambitious, energetic, and intellectually creative student.

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