SUNY and An Energy-Smart New York

An Energy-Smart New York

The alarms have been sounded again and again on the consequences of climate change and overdependence on fossil fuels. Meanwhile, New York State's energy costs have escalated to 50 percent above the national average—a burden that makes our businesses far less competitive and places enormous financial strain on households. Without smarter energy use, economic revitalization will remain an elusive goal. The time to act is now. And SUNY, New York's renewable resource for ideas, is ready to lead.

Many of our initiatives in this field are already in the vanguard of research and discovery, particularly in the areas of renewables, energy storage systems, interoperability and cyber security, sensors and energy control systems, and the energy applications of nanotechnology. We have productive partnerships with a wide range of private and public enterprises to tackle the multifaceted challenges of sustainability. We also have extensive degree, certificate, and non-credit programs related to energy and sustainability and training for green jobs.

What's missing is a coordinated, focused approach. By changing that, we can exemplify how a large-scale, geographically far-flung institution can turn promises into genuine progress.

Explore ways SUNY and An Energy Smart New York are transforming the lives of New Yorkers.

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