Start-Up NY

A New Chapter for New York

SUNY is home to big ideas. As one of New York's premiere drivers of economic activity, ideas that bring our students and communities together is key in carrying New York successfully into the future. START-UP NY is one way this happens.

START-UP NY (SUNY Tax-free Areas to Revitalize and Transform Upstate NY) encourages businesses to start, relocate to or expand in New York State through partnerships with colleges and universities. Businesses who wish to participate must locate on or near a college campus, support the academic mission of the institution, and provide academic benefits for faculty, students and the institution. In return, businesses receive significant tax benefits and can leverage the valuable intellectual and physical assets of their partners in higher education.

Since its launch in May of 2014, START-UP NY has grown rapidly, connecting SUNY’s world-class colleges and universities with new and growing businesses that are creating jobs and making new investments in all regions of the state. The program provides a unique opportunity for businesses to leverage the intellectual capital and specialized facilities that exist at SUNY campuses while, at the same time, providing faculty and students direct access to business leaders and real-world opportunities for turning innovative ideas into commercial reality.

SUNY scientists have a path to working with their private sector counterparts - moving ideas from the lab to the market. Students also get a real world experience – with not only a job once they graduate, but a reason to stay, live, work, raise a family, and prosper – right here in New York.

Through START-UP NY, our world-class higher education institutions are generating meaningful and lasting economic benefits for all New Yorkers. The possibilities are endless, and so is the benefit to SUNY and the communities we call home. START-UP means innovation. It means discovery. It means a new chapter for SUNY and for New York.

Learn more at www.startup.ny.gov