The Power of SUNY

We have a collective vision for making New York the best it can be. We call it The Power of SUNY and it guides us in order to keep true to our mission.

The Power of SUNY capitalizes on the sum of our parts. As the nation's most comprehensive university system — community colleges, technical colleges, and university centers that specialize in almost every imaginable field — promoting personal growth, business development, and economic revitalization in the community is literally at our fingertips.

screen shots of the three Power of SUNY Report CardsSee our measured outcomes in the SUNY Report Card.

Through six unique and equally powerful ideas that we have brought to realization, our ambitions stay focused and approaching opportunities to meet tomorrow's challenges remains a staple of our profile as a national leader in public higher education.

Learn more about the Power of SUNY and the Six Big Ideas:

SUNY Strategic Plan book coverThe Power of SUNY:
Strategic Plan 2010 & Beyond

Click above to flip through or download the PDF of the SUNY Strategic Plan